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News | Sport : Adebayor rages over 'ghost goal' ??

Adebayor rages over 'ghost goal' ??

Tottenham Hotspur striker Emmanuel Adebayor has criticised referee Martin Atkinson after the controversial "ghost goal" which put Chelsea firmly in command of the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley on Sunday.
Did Juan Mata's shot cross the line after all?
Did Juan Mata's shot cross the line after all?

Juan Mata , was credited with the goal, though the ball did not appear to cross the line. It put Chelsea two goals in front and left Spurs chasing the game.

Adebayor insists that the catalogue of goal-line errors recently is "killing the game" and the technology must be brought in to provide a solution.

"To be honest, we have to blame the referee,'' Adebayor said. "I think we have done well and he has made a lot of mistakes and made a lot of wrong decisions.

"We are all disappointed. But what do you want me to tell you? How many goals scored this season were disallowed that were onside? To be honest, I'm just tired of it and everyone is talking about goal-line technology.

"They have to make something happen because it's killing the league, it's killing the FA Cup, it's killing the game, it's killing everything.''

Midfielder Scott Parker, claimed no-one in the ground but Atkinson thought the ball had crossed the line. He said: "It's not even a debate, is it, really? I think it's clearly obvious.

"It's not even one we can sit here and say, 'Did it or didn't it?' It was nowhere near the line. I had a perfect view. Four players were covering the line, so how the ball could've got over the line, I don't know. The linesman said he didn't make the decision. The ref took it upon himself.''

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