Wednesday, 11 April 2012

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More than a dozen protesters broke into a TV studio in Greece and threw eggs and yoghurt at a newsreader during a live broadcast.

The demonstrators were angry because a member of a neo-Nazi party appeared on Panagiotis Vourhas' talk show the previous week.
Mr Vourhas, who was interviewing a local politician at the time of the incident, bore the brunt of the attack.
At one point, he had his back to the camera, cleaning his computer while the dairy products continued to splatter his suit.
The channel, Epiros TV1, said 17 intruders, their faces hidden behind handkerchiefs, broke into the studio.
The man who appeared on the programme last week was representing the anti-immigrant Golden Dawn party.
It currently has around 5% support in opinion polls, with an early election set to take place next month.

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