Saturday, 23 June 2012

How To Build Community On Your Blog

Assalamualaikum wbt. :)

Bismillahirahmannirrahim :) Blogging is such a great work to do when we have free time.Despite we are being busy with our office work,we can start blogging to release our tension or just to fulfill our precious time.A good blog will create a great atmosphere among blogger in a particular community,but how we can build a community through our blog ?
Here I will show you some tips on how we can interact with other people out there just through a single click. :)


1 ) Ask your reader questions. The key to more comments and interactions on your blog is to ask your community more questions. Just remember,if you seek their input you need to respect their attempts to give it, even if it is not what you want to hear.

2) Give your readers homework. Interestingly enough, giving your readers homework to do is often a very interactive process. You might be surprised how much time readers will spend researching and reading about various questions you pose.

3) Respond to reader's questions and comments. There is nothing more reinforcing than when the chief blogger answers a specific patron's question on the blog site. There may not be a  more powerful use of the blog then this one. My rationale was that if one patron had that question then undoubtedly others did too.

4) Make readers famous. Whenever possible point out and celebrate your readers publicly.Maybe you can use blog list to celebrate them or just use GA or giveaway for the chosen readers.

p/s : In addition to these tips for blogging successfully, good bloggers have developed the knack using attractive titles for their blog post.

For the next entry I will share with you how to choose a good and eye-catchy title for your blog post. :)

Nota Kakiku : Dah bace? Ace komen ke like ke =P

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